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It is a website of Eiji Murofushi. We mainly produce translucent white porcelain pieces. In addition, I will publish, "Nerikomi Clay Experience", "Nerikomi Porcelain Workshop", and spread the fun and techniques of Nerikomi Ceramic pottery. The studio is located in Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture, and we continue to work with staff.

What is Nerikomi technique?

Nerikomi is a technique in which different colors or materials are mixed and layered together to make patterns. These patterns are then put into shape to form ceramic pieces. Its use in ceramics originated in the end of the Chinese Tang dynasty (around AD 800), while the patterns themselves have been found in glasswares from Ancient Mesopotamian cultures (after 24th century BC). My nerikomi work involves the use of original porcelain clay for its high translucence which is suitable for making various patterns. The pieces shine as crystals without glaze and change their colors by the lights passing through, letting us see beautiful scenery.





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